Enkelt Male i United States, , singler i Florida, Orlando Male

Bodedozen: hello...
Søger: Kvinde Alder 18 til 90
status: 38 Intet svar Lige Han
Interesseret i: Casual Dating
Etnicitet: Intet svar
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Højde: 4'3 tommer
Legeme: Intet svar
Hår/Øjne: Intet svar, Intet svar
Røg: Intet svar
Drikke: Intet svar
Dyrke motion Intet svar
Politik: Intet svar
Uddannelse: Intet svar
Religion: Intet svar
Indkomst: $15,001 til $25,000
Beskæftigelse: No Answer
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Personlighed: Intet svar
Land: United States

Everyone says love ?? hurts but that is not the truth loneliness hurts rejection hurts losing someone hurts envy hurts . Everyone gets these things confused with love but in reality love is the only thing in this world ?? that covers up all pain and makes someone feel wonderful again