Enkelt Male i United States, , singler i Florida, miami Male

Moodhappy: love...
Søger: Kvinde Alder 40 til 90
Status: 53 Skilt Lige Han
Interesseret i: Fast forhold
Etnicitet: Hvid/Kaukasiske
Levende: Lev med mine børn
Eye Catcher: Butt
Højde: 5'7 tommer
Legeme: Skinny
Hår/Øjne: Intet svar, Sort
Røg: Ingen måde
Drikke: Kun socialt
Dyrke motion Sommetider
Politik: Ingen
Uddannelse: Bachelorgrad
Religion: Agnostic
Indkomst: $15,001 til $25,000
Beskæftigelse: Construction
Afkom: 1 barn
Personlighed: Eventyrlystne
Land: United States

Let me say that Im not on a quest to find someone to complete me; Im not half a person alone. But it would be wonderful to find someone to do things with, go places with and share life with. Common interests are always good, but I also like to try new things, so please be willing to introduce me to your favorite activities and interests too. Im pretty open as to who I might be interested in Im more concerned with the person than the "type". I believe virtually everyone has something attractive and interesting about them. I like to fish, tent camp, walk trails the Nature Center is a great place! and think zoos, museums and rodeos are also fun. Symphonies, live theater, movies and live bands are other favorites. I dont drink unless you count an occasional ODouls or other nonalcoholic beer, but Im always up to go hear a good band! Maybe even a notsogood band. Just so its real people playing music, not some DJ. I enjoy growing house plants, flowers and vegetables. Theres nothing better than fresh produce youve grown yourself! Ive been a Civil Engineer and Architecture for many years Design and build a Power Plant Generating Transformer that can generate electricity through the Solar System, so I really like to Design and build every chance I get! A couple of years ago, I went back to work with my old band, Design and build a Power Plant Generating Transformer. I have deep spiritual convictions but am not a religious nut.I think that is a wonderful foundation for a relationship. I have a 17year old son who is with me on a regular basis. And of course, he is the most awesome kid on the planet! My time is rather limited, due to work and my son, so the woman I meet would need to be understanding of my situation. But I can certainly make time for the right woman! I think someday it would be awesome to own some land with live water for swimming and fishing, a big log home with a woodburning fireplace, a large garden spot and some horses to ride. It seems that the older I get, the more appealing that kind of lifestyle becomes. As I said, Im rather openminded about the person Id be interested in, but some qualities I prefer are intelligence, creativity someone musical or artistic would be great!, honesty, passion and a sense of humor.I FOUND THAT IN YOU Sweetie