Enkelt Female i United States, , singler i Florida, Miami Beach Female

Saraknight: are you looking for me?...
Søger: Han Alder 40 til 88
Status: 47 Enkelt Lige Kvinde
Interesseret i: Fast forhold
Etnicitet: Hvid/Kaukasiske
Levende: Lev af mig selv
Eye Catcher: Arme
Højde: 5'5 tommer
Legeme: Skinny
Hår/Øjne: Blond, Blå
Røg: Ingen måde
Drikke: En gang imellem
Dyrke motion 2 gange om ugen
Politik: Ingen
Uddannelse: Et eller andet universitet
Religion: kristen
Indkomst: $25,001 til $45,000
Beskæftigelse: Sales
Afkom: Ingen
Personlighed: Eventyrlystne
Land: United States

I am essentially a happy person.

I find my joy in the pleasure that friends and family bring to my life. In knowing that each new day is an opportunity to make a difference in someones life. That happiness is a choice we must consciously make everyday.

I try to accept my shortcomings and emphasize my assets. I try to handle disappointment with aplomb, and celebrate my own triumphs and those of others. I treat my family and friends with the respect and love they deserve. Im not afraid to speak my mind when my opinion is direct, tactful, and wellinformed. I know to remain silent when the situation requires.

I am by nature very nurturing, sensitive, and levelheaded. Yet I appreciate spontaneity particularly when it comes to romance. I strive to be defined by the strength of my resolve and the truth of my word. I can laugh at myself and have been known to cry when its necessary. I enjoy making others feel comfortable and safe around me.

I love to make babies laugh in the supermarket or restaurants. Love guys that smell like soap. Hate B.O. and sore throats. Love good teeth. Hate unprovoked bitchiness. Love a witty retort.